Friday, August 28, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - 8/28/09

1. Did you know that if you get married and need to get a new passport with your new name, that you have to completely re-apply for a brand new one? I went to the post office yesterday all proud of myself because I had researched online and brought all the information and forms necessary to get my passport changed. And low and behold, I was wrong, wrong, wrong. GAH! Apparently you can only get your name changed if you got your passport AND got married within the last year. And well, no. Not me. I got my passport back in early 00's, yo. But they were nice enough to go ahead and take my picture, so that was one less thing I had to do this morning. Yep, I had to GO BACK this morning. I guess this post office does a lot of passport applications, because I had to make an appointment with them to fill out the paperwork and get it all mailed. So my sleepy baby and I were at the post office bright and early this morning to get everything taken care of so Momma can go cruising.

2. As you can tell from the last post, we introduced rice cereal to our little college student baby this week. And as you can tell, he liked it. Quite a bit. I was expecting nothing but hate and confusion and I'm not sure why. I guess because most babies hate rice cereal? But he is not like most babies. He is my son. He is Alex's son. We love to eat. Why would he be any different? It was a pretty big success, even though I totally made too much and watered the cereal down way too much. In other news, he is also rolling onto his tummy and pushing his butt up in the air and moving forward. Which....what the junk, little dude? STOP GROWING UP.

3. I bought real pants today. Oh yes, it is true. They have a button AND a zipper. They are ALSO only a size bigger than I was wearing before I got pregnant. Which isn't too bad, right? However, they are, shall we say, TIGHT? Definitely not an ideal fit, but I practically jumped for joy when I realized that THEY FIT, OMG. That high was quickly dampened by the fussy baby in the changing room with me, but WHATEVER THE JEANS FIT. They were also on sale. (Thanks Old Navy!)

4. I have been working on a post about anti-depressants and was searching in my archives for a post I distinctly remember writing years and years ago. I couldn't find the post, but I read a few other gems from back in the day. And I think I need to purge the archives posthaste. They are EMBARRASSING. EMBARRASSING.

5. I finally, FINALLY got a library card today. (We were...very busy today.) I checked out seven books and a DVD for Jack. Nothing for me. YET. I already put in a request for Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and a few baby sign language DVD's. But I'm pretty pumped about signing Jack up for story time and introducing him to the joys of the library. I loved, loved, loved going when I was a kid, so I hope he grows up to love it too. And it only took me seven years to live here to get a library card. Such a good English grad!

6. Speaking of graduating (See what I did there? With the transitioning?), I got my diploma for my Master's degree yesterday. So I am OFFICIALLY a graduate of Graduate School. It's a very nice feeling to have that diploma in my hot little hands.

7. So, seek and find games. They are also known as Hidden Object games. Basically, what you do is find stuff in overly crowded pictures. There are these scenes that are littered with all sorts of random crap. And you have to find 10 or so specific objects in the picture. It's kind of like trying to find something in the office in our house. You can do a timed version or the "relaxed" version where you can take your sweet time looking for the objects. I realize this sounds very, very boring and stupid. But, y'all, they are FUN. So imagine my joy when I downloaded THREE MORE today. That is hours and hours and hours of my life ready to be wasted on this here laptop. AWESOME.


philly said...

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a passport to come visit Texas!

Mel said...

Thanks for the hiden game explain:) Cruising?? So jealous. Real jean!! also jealous.