Monday, August 03, 2009

Four Months

Somebody at the Sand Palace turned four months old today!

I know! I am just as surprised as you are, son!

We went to the pediatrician today for the four month check up and torture session. Jack weighs 15 pounds even and is 26 inches long. He has grown three inches in the past two months. I knew he was looking kind of tall lately, but I didn't realize HOW TALL. So it turns out it wasn't my imagination that his legs were hanging off of the swing more. Or that the car seat seemed a little...short. Oddly enough, he did not gain as much weight as I expected. At his two month check up, he was in the 90th percentile in weight and 50th in length. He's decided to switch it up a bit to start his fourth month of life and be in the 50th percentile in weight and 90th in length. Way to keep us on our toes!

As I mentioned before, Jack learned how to roll over this past month. I finally caught it on camera...sort of. Behold:

Genius child!

This past month has been an eye opener for both Jack and me. He has not only started noticing the world around him, but has realized he can interact with said world. He reaches for things now. Before, he would sit in my lap and let me eat. Now, he wants to reach out for whatever is going into my mouth. Cookie, banana, whatever. He would like some too, please. (Mostly cookies go in my mouth, so that's probably what he thinks everyone eats all the time. Which would be nice except my chin called and wants to know why there are two of them now.) He's noticed Parsnip and has fallen madly and deeply in love with her. He watches her intently and reaches out for her constantly. We're working on having a "gentle" touch when we "pet" the puppy. The other day, the dogs were playing and Jack let out a deep belly laugh. A laugh that sounded just like a little boy's laugh. Not a baby's laugh. He's growing up right before my eyes.

As for me, well, this month has marked a turning point in my life too. I feel as though I am a mom. FINALLY. Yes, it took me over two months to adjust to this new role. The difficulty of finishing school and overcoming my medical problems from labor and delivery were almost too much to handle. The first two months of Jack's life feel like a strange, horrible nightmare. A nightmare that happened to someone else. Alex and I have talked about this extensively and last night he remarked that it is like "we're different people now. But in a good way." And I couldn't agree more. While Jack might have fallen madly and deeply in love with Parsnip this month, I have spent my time falling madly and deeply in love with him. This sweet, precious boy has completely turned my life upside down. And I know mommy bloggers throw the terms "sweet" and "precious" around A LOT. A whole lot. So much so that I kind of loathe to even use the words. But I just cannot think of better words to describe my son. He really is precious. There is nothing more important to me. I value him more than anyone else in the world. (Well, he AND Alex are equally precious. Just sayin'! Love you honey!) And he really is so sweet. He loves to lay on the bed and smile and "talk" to me while he grabs my hands. And seriously, my heart melts EVERY SINGLE TIME he does this.

(See smiling and hand grabbing on full display in picture above.)

So yes, this past month, everything has changed. Both of our eyes have been opened. It's like we both woke up from a coma. And I can't believe I get to kiss these chubby little cheeks every single day.

I've realized that Jack and I are going to learn about life together. We're getting to know each other and exploring the world as a mother and son duo. I plan to teach him as much as I can, but you know what? He can teach me too.

And I can't wait to see what we discover next. Even if it just the tastiness of his fingers.


AI said...

It's amazing to see the mother you've become :) ... really I wish I could write it as well as you could, but I think who ever reads your blog should know how awesome you are at it.

also, Jack stuck his fingers in my mouth last night ... they are not tasty. Sorry buddy.

philly said...

So stinkin' cute!!

Mel said...

Cora, he's adorable. And I totally know what you mean about waking up. Definitely a process...