Friday, July 24, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - 7/24/09

So! I am totally going to start doing The Seven Quick Takes Friday that Jennifer at the Conversion Diary hosts. I found it via Emily and while I don’t want to actually add my link to the Mr. Linky she does, I think it’s a great idea because I am always coming up with random ideas for posts that are only half formed, but still constantly bounce around in my head. But not anymore! Now I can dump all the randomness on you every single Friday. JOY!

1. I am TOTALLY OBSESSED with Jordin Sparks’ new song, “Battlefield.” I KNOW. I can SEE YOU ROLLING YOUR EYES RIGHT NOW. But I cannot help it. In fact, I KEEP TYPING IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE OF IT. It is so freaking CATCHY. I have single handedly raised its YouTube hits by the thousands this week alone. I mean it is a great question. Why does love always feel like a battlefield? (Note: I don’t think love always feel like a battlefield. I’m pretty sure if you think your relationship is like a battlefield, then it’s time to LEAVE THE RELATIONSHIP, JORDIN.) And poor Alex, he doesn’t really like the song. Yet I force him to listen to it constantly. And then I sing it. And then I IM him the lyrics. Because I can’t let it go. It is an ADDICTION. (Here is a link to the video in case you REALLY want to know what I'm talking about. It is not a great song. I know this.)

You better go and get your armor!

2. Jack is soclose to rolling over it is RIDICULOUS. Every single time I lay him down, I think he’s about to roll over. But then he doesn’t quite get there. Alex and I have A LOT of gigabytes of the poor kid almost rolling over in both video and still picture form. I am sad that we are entering The Age of Mobility, because that means I can no longer leave him in one place and expect him to say stationary until I return. Now I have to be diligent, like I’m a parent or something.

A battlefield! A battlefield!

3. I have become fond of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Like, I actually look forward to watching their show. Even though, when I think about it, some of the stuff seems set up and kind of fake…like their weird confrontation in the parking lot after Tori thought Dean had been injured bike riding. Funnily enough, in the past few weeks I have read about four other people (via twitter and random blog posts) who also like this show. So I’m not alone in my Tori and Dean love! In fact, I was actually excited to see that Tori was co-hosting the four millionth hour of The Today Show earlier this week. Even though I only watched a half hour of it the other day (see #4) because they were doing a segment on mommy bloggers. (I still managed to miss that interview. Instead, I saw a lovely segment on pick up lines. Same thing!)

Get your armor! Get your armor!

4. Speaking of TV, Jack LOVES IT. Which I hate because that means I cannot watch TV anymore. I don’t want my child spending his first year of life mindlessly watching hours of America’s Next Top Model and Snapped. (We only have free cable! Oxygen is our only fun channel!) So now we listen to a lot of music instead of sitting around in silence kicking toys and drinking bottles. It’s pretty funny though, because if the TV is on, he will find it and stare at it. Which is basically how I am too. I get easily distracted by a TV and I cannot be near one without watching it compulsively, all slack jawed and bleary eyed. So I guess he did get one thing from Momma. You can thank me later for that awesome trait, son.

Why does love always feel like a battlefield?

5. Lately, I have been listening to a Michael W. Smith channel I created on Pandora. I also have DC Talk as an influence on it. It is EXCELLENTLY OLD SCHOOL Christian music. (Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Steven Curtis Chapman.) I feel like I am in high school all over again. But in a good way.

A battlefield! A battlefield!

6. I am losing my hair in an insanely crazy way. I had read about post partum hair loss, but assumed it was either going to pass me by or not be so bad because my hair did not seem to be particularly lustrous throughout my pregnancy. Guess what? I was wrong. I could not have been MORE WRONG. I am constantly picking hair off my shirt and off of Jack. Or pulling stray hairs out of his hand or from his mouth. My hair is EVERYWHERE. It comes out in chunks when I shower. I am covered in it when I run my hands through my hair while I blow dry. (Note: I do not blow dry often anymore. Because HA! Who has the time?) My brush is full of my hair at all times, no matter how many times I clean it out. It’s like magic, because I promise I am not going bald. Where is all of the hair coming from? And when, WHEN will the shedding stop?


7. I love Kashi cereal. I’ve never been a really big cereal fan, mostly because I don’t like milk. And I hate how soggy cereal gets when in said milk. But the GoLean Crunch! Honey Flax Almond cereal? IS AMAZING. I crave it. Often. Early. Daily. I want some now but I’m out of it. So I’m blogging about it at 6 am on a Friday morning. This is my life, people. Awesomeness.



philly said...

Fun post - you know I love me some random info. Next time you and Jack are listening to old school DC Talk (love IS a verb!) and AA and SCC... go ahead and throw in a little MxPx. Jack will love it!

Christy said...

Yay, I'm so glad you are writing again. And I can't remember when my hair stopped falling out, but it did. I promise. But like I told you before, unfortunately, then you get the baby bangs. :)

Jodi said...

I like randomness. :D

And the shedding will stop eventually. Your head has a lot of extra hairs it was holding onto.

I love cereal. I may have to try Kashi. You aren't the first person I have heard rave about it.

And ummm.....SHARE SOME PICS. We want to see him almost rolling over. Really we do!

Gina said...

umm.. so i hadn't read your post until today about old school dc talk.. so that is quite random.. and have you checked out pat benetar's version of love is a battlefield?! ( i love the song too btw)

Mel said...

me too with the hair!