Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Day in the Life

9:01 am We’re going to be productive today! Alex starts calling different car dealerships.

9:45 am Alex calls me. He’s excited. We’re getting a new car!

10:00 am Jack is fussy. Super fussy. Should I feed him? Is that his problem? Are you hungry? Why can’t you talk yet? It’s a little early to eat. Are you sure you’re hungry? Should I feed you?

10:01 am Jack: AAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Yes, I will feed you.

10:30 am I get a text message asking for help with a cover letter! Good times! Alex also calls to let me know he has an appointment at the dealership at 2 pm. We discuss whether or not I need to be there. I tell him that I’ll go ahead and get Jack and I ready, just in case.

10:45 am I get a text message asking for help with a cover letter. Good times!

11:00 am Jack falls asleep in his swing. I leave him there so I can keep working on the cover letter e-mail and talk to Alex.

11:30 am Jack wakes up. That was not a very long nap. Hmmmmm.....

11:45 am Hey Jack, let’s go back to sleep! Want to go hang out upstairs?

11:46 am Ok, so no?

11:51 am How about we play on the play gym? Woo!

12:01 pm How about we do some tummy time? We love rolling!

12:22 pm So are we going to maybe nap or something? You seem a little cranky.

12:35 pm Ok! We’ll do something else. Read a book, maybe?

12:44 pm O.M.G. Please stay happy.

1:00 pm Alright! We are going to take a nap. Swaddle Me? Pacifier? Rocking Chair? Let’s go!

1:15 pm You can stop screaming aaannnnyyyy time now.

1:30 pm Ok, really. YOU, SIR, ARE NAPPING.

1:35 pm He is finally asleep. THANK YOU GOD. I’m feeling pretty tired. He keeps freaking out when I leave. So I’ll just lay here too. Ah, I am really tired, actually. This bed is so comfortable...

1:36 pm Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2:00 pm Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2:30 pm Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2:55 pm Hmmm, I feel like I slept for a while. I wonder what time it is? I feel like I should probably go check my phone.

3:00 pm Wait. What? It’s what pm? Uhhhhh…yeah, I should check my phone. Maybe the baby won’t wake up.

3:00:01 pm CRAP. THE BABY WOKE UP.

3:01 pm Ten missed calls. TEN MISSED CALLS. Oh dear.

3:02 pm Alex informs me that he didn’t have the title to his truck with him. They need it for the deal to go through. Can I look for it? And then can I bring it up there?


3:06 pm Of course it’s the last possible thing in the box. OF COURSE IT IS.

3:07 pm Jack starts screaming. What the?

3:10 pm Wait. When did he eat last? 10? It’s been…4 hours? :sigh:

3:11 pm Ok, I can feed the baby and get stuff done. I can multi-task! For example, I can put him in his car seat and put it on our bed. Then I can hold the bottle with one hand and put my pants on with the other! Then I can put him on the floor in the hallway and close as many doors as I can with the other hand!

3:25 pm I just realized I haven’t showered yet today. Oh well. Deodorant is awesome! Does my hair look ok? Well, no. It looks like I just slept on it for a few hours. Ponytail, fine. Whatever. I’ll do my make up in the car. Packed diaper bag, baby in car seat, dogs inside, title in hand, let’s go!

3:30 pm Wow, this is a lot of traffic.

3:45 pm Finally, we’re moving. Those clouds look kind of…dark. Ominous maybe?

3:50 pm It’s raining really hard. Did the car in front of just put their flashers on? I can’t really see. Is that the exit right there? Am I lost?

4:00 pm At the dealership AT LAST.

4:15 pm .....

4:30 pm .....

4:45 pm What are they doing to the car? Are they putting it together themselves? I WANT TO GO HOME.

5:00 pm Apparently there was more to do than just hand the title over, ALEX.

5:15 pm Ok! We’re good! Let’s go home!

5:45 pm I am so excited to have our new car. It’s lovely. Really, just lovely. I feel so blessed to have two new cars in our possession. What a blessing. Life is so good. Is the baby crying again?


6:01 PM :sigh:

6:30 pm Let’s just feed the poor thing and let him go to sleep. That should work right?


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Mel said...

Sweet ride. And I feel your pain