Friday, July 31, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - 7/31/09

It’s Friday!

1. Last night, I had coffee with a friend. While I was out, Alex decided to take Jack to Wal-Mart (or Wal-Marks, if you’re my Maw Maw). They were home by the time I got home and everything seemed fine. Later in the evening, Alex was all…have you seen the diaper bag? Forgetting that he had gone out, I was like, oh, did I leave it in the car? And he was like, no, I took it out with me. Y’all, Alex left the diaper bag at Wal-Mart. We searched high and low and the only conclusion was that it was still in the blue land of low prices. I thought he had left it out in the cart in the parking lot. And it was raining. I was imagining a dripping wet diaper bag full of ruined baby items. And my camera. Crap. So Alex rushed out to the store grumbling at himself and I sat at home and mentally began shopping for a new diaper bag. Silver lining and all, you know? But I’ll have to be happy with the one we have because it was sitting at customer service dry and happy and full of its contents. Whew!

2. Jack discovered this morning that he can make a high pitched squeal. And he LOVES it. He has been doing it all day. It really is the cutest thing in the world. The dogs, however, HATE it. Probably because if the pitch goes any higher, only they could hear it. So every time he makes this noise, the dogs both perk up their ears and look around. Then they both give me a look like, please shut him up, will ya?

3. This week, I have been obsessed with baked potatoes. I have eaten at least three in the past four days. I put cheese, a little butter, and a dash of salt on them and it’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Which is silly, because it is nothing to write home about. But I can’t stop eating them! They are so, so, so tasty! Although this probably means I will probably HATE them next week and will not eat a baked potato for months. Such is my cycle of eating. Which, by the way, is obnoxious and drives Alex BATTY. Sorry honey!

4. I am ready to get my hair cut. I haven’t gotten my hair did since before Jack was born. And since he will be four months old (!!!) on Monday, that means I haven’t done anything to my hair in, oh, about 6 months. AWESOME. I am considering going shorter than normal. I really need a simple, easy style since I rarely have time to “do” my hair. However, I’m too big of a chicken to just chop it off super short. My face is too round (and fat) to handle a short, cropped ‘do. Which makes me think the only option is a short bob? Surely not, though, right? I’d like to keep it long enough to be able to put it back so I don’t have to deal with ripping my hair out of a baby’s hands all day long. I don’t know what to do, but it needs to be done. STAT.

5. Anybody else watch Big Brother? It’s an addiction. It is so trashy, yet I cannot turn away. I even spent time reading forums about what was going on in the live feed last night. Yes, I was reading about Big Brother instead of writing this post or cleaning or doing anything even remotely edifying. But I really wanted to know who won the HOH competition! Embarrassing. (I found out who won, though!)

6. Parsnip is my shadow. Did you know this? Because she is. She always follows me wherever I go in the house. She hates going outside, but will gladly trot outdoors if I walk out. This was cute and endearing when I first got her. Then it got annoying. Then I just sighed and got used to it. However! It is driving me INSANE lately. I put Jack down to nap upstairs in our room because it’s the darkest room in the house. So whenever he cries, I have to run upstairs to check on him. And what does Parsnip do? Run ahead of me! Because it’s exciting! Mom is running! And when I go in there to put him down, she MUST BE IN THE ROOM. I have no idea why because he usually cries before he goes to sleep. She either waits until he is asleep and jumps on the bed waking him up, or lays down in the closet. So every time I am quietly leaving the room to let him sleep, I have to whisper-call her to GET OUT OF THE CLOSET AND COME DOWNSTAIRS ALREADY.

7. I joined Sam’s Club yesterday. Well, we joined Sam’s Club. We’re splitting a membership with my brother and sister-in-law. I went yesterday to buy the membership and I officially felt old. My parents used to have to DRAG me to Sam’s because I HAAAAATED going. HATED IT. There is not a store more boring to a kid than Sam’s. Well, ok, and I always used to get an Icee pretty much every trip. It was like a bribe. Make it through the store and you get an Icee! I only liked to go when there were samples available. But now! Now I love it. I love buying in bulk. I love getting good deals on everyday items. I get a little thrill when I can buy formula on the cheap. And this means that I am an adult now. No two ways about it. That kind of makes me a little sad on the inside. But now I can get a good deal on an Icee any time I want.

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