Thursday, July 30, 2009


I did a little shopping today because we needed some fascinating items like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, dog food, and dryer sheets. Exciting, I know. I made the miscalculation of going out before Jack's late afternoon nap. I decided to make an extra stop while we were out and I hoped he would just fall asleep in the car. Which he did. But when I brought him out of the car, he immediately woke up.

You have to understand, I am pretty sure I gave birth to a vampire. Jack hates the sun. HAAAAAATES it. It's pretty funny to watch him enter the sun. He immediately closes his eyes and shrinks back with this face of horror. You can almost hear him say, "My eyes! My eyes!" So far, he hasn't burst into flames in the sun, but I'm just waiting to see him sparkle.

So, of course, the second I take him out of the car, the sun hit his face. And awake he is. And awake he shall be. To my pleasant surprise, he was in an excellent mood. He smiled and cooed at me the entire time we were in the store. He kept kicking his foot to me and frankly, it was ADORABLE. I was so excited that he was doing well and headed to the check out lane with a bounce in my step.

The lady checking us out was very nice and while I was paying, she leaned forward and said, "Hi!" to Jack. I didn't look over at first, because Jack is a happy baby. He's one of those babies who smiles at everyone he sees. When I was walking him around the car dealership the other day, he smiled at EVERY SINGLE SALESMAN. Every one of them. He's a charming kid. So this nice lady leans over to say hi and what does Jack do? (You know what's coming, of course.) Jack SCREAMS. And I mean SCREAMS. It exploded from his mouth. Violently. Forcefully. His face turned bright red. Tears were streaming from his face. He went absolutely nuts. The lady turned to me and said, "I've never had a baby cry at me like that before!" Which is great, the exact thing I want my kid to be known for. I made a lame excuse about him being tired and not getting a good nap in, but seriously? Seriously? I was right there. It's not like he couldn't see me.

He calmed down after the lady backed away and was perfectly fine as we left. Have I given birth to the most anti-social baby ever? Gah!

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