Wednesday, July 22, 2009

15 Weeks

I love the way he smiles at me in the morning.

His eyes light up. Like he’s just seen the most amazing thing ever.

I love how he holds onto my finger while he eats. He grasps it and does NOT.LET.GO. until he’s finished. I can’t get anything else done when I feed him.

I don’t mind.

I love how he buries his head in my chest when he’s tired. He rubs his tired little eyes before he inevitably smacks me with his head.

I love how he grabs my hand or arm or finger and gleefully brings it to his mouth. He usually is disappointed with the taste. But he does it anyway.

I love how he holds onto my shirt when I carry him. And when I change him. Even though sometimes I can’t get him to let go when I need to dump the diaper or grab a wipe.

I love how he giggles and coos. Sometimes it sounds like he’s saying “Hi!” He most often says “Guh!”

I love the way he smiles when his Daddy enters the room. And follows him when he walks away.

I love how he stretches when I take him out of the Swaddle Me. He stretches one arm WAAAAY out. Then the other one. And when you unwrap his feet, it’s full body joy as he stretches his legs as far as they can go.

I love how he smiles at me in the mirror. He notices me and grins. And then my heart melts into a million zillion little pieces.

I love him.


AI said...


philly said...

Awww!!! So sweet! He is getting so big!

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Mel said...

yeah i just cried :)