Saturday, April 26, 2008

Still Breathing

I have survived the week...barely. I came home from work last night and immediately went straight to bed. I started reading my new book club book (I haven't updated the side bar in a while. My bad. I know y'all were all wondering why on earth I haven't finished reading "Oil!" yet. Probably because I stopped reading it in order to read last month's book, which I didn't even bother putting on the sidebar. Because I am together.), ate some dinner, and fell asleep. And lo, it was glorious.

(Could that parenthetical aside have been any longer? Geez.)

I have only one more assignment left for this semester and then I get an entire week free before summer school starts. Yippee. It's a bit anti-climatic when you only get a week off, but I am planning on sucking the marrow out of that one week.

Also? That last post? Totally a product of my vision statement for my leadership class. Yes, I get angst-y writing about myself. No one ever said I wasn't an emotional ball of wonder. (I have got a lot of guilt, ok? A LOT. You can't be an only child from a strong Southern Baptist family and not come out with suitcases and suitcases of guilt. Like, TRUCKLOADS of guilt. I know my Catholic friends all think they have this guilt complex thing in the bag, but have I got news for them. We Southern Baptists have gotten the guilt thing down to an art.)

(Don't judge me!)

(Or my parenthetical asides!)

But! My life rules. And so there's no reason for me to wallow, wallow, wallow, when I can live, live, live instead. Which is my plan. And so far, that plan is going smashingly well. I've got a cookout tonight at Seth's house, which he posted about as well. Incidentally, he said that we are going to eat like kings. What he doesn't know is that Alex and I are bringing a pasta salad that will take a good 2-5 years off of our lives. However, it will be worth it, because a life without bacon is not a life worth living.

Also happening this weekend? Project Paint-The-Kitchen-Already-You-Lazy-Bums. We've had the paint in our possession for months now. MONTHS. And still haven't painted. So I'm telling the internet in the hopes that will motivate us to stop looking at the paint and start using it. Plus, that gives me an excuse to post pictures and that way you don't have to read all of these word-like things that I sort of post coherently.

(I *heart* bacon!)


Alison said...

We Baptists do have a lot of guilt! I was just talking to Chris about that this week! (But he thought I was being a little silly...)

Seth said...

The pasta salad was great and the bacon glorious. Good times were had by all (hopefully - at least my kids had a good time! haha). And, oh, did we eat like kings and queens!

plus the study time and games of Trouble were pretty outstanding, too!