Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh, Holy Crap

I am a moron. A complete and total moron. Why have I not kept up to date with my assignments this semester? Why? WHY???? I have spent all day alternating between working on school work and reading Amalah's archives. (Guess which I probably spent more time doing. Go on. Guess!) (Also, why have I not linked to her yet in my sidebar? Who knows! It's probably in the same part of my brain that thought I'd be okay with not doing journal entries for entire months at a time and now am faced with the task of backlogging them because they are due on THURSDAY.)

On the bright side, I have four out of seven assignments done for this week. That is over half! Woo! Too bad the most difficult and time consuming ones are NOT done. GREAT.

How did I make it through undergrad? How? Was I smarter then? It must have been because I didn't have a boyfriend. Like, seriously, that has to be it. Because I am looking back on my 18-21 year old self and I think that self needs to chill out and have some fun, because SERIOUSLY.

Although props for not waiting until the weekend before the last week of classes to do EVERYTHING DUE THE ENTIRE SEMESTER.

So, on second thought, way to go 18-21 year old self! But, please, go put some make up on and buy a shirt that's not a t-shirt, get some confidence, and TALK TO PEOPLE. It'll help a lot once you reach the 22-26 year old portion of your life.

Your Moronic 27 year old self


Philly said...

Um...remember, you studied 20 hours a day and slept for 4 hours. I could bring up King... :-) Love you!

Alex said...

I personally like the 27 year old you ... who is King?

Love you too.

Cora said...

Thanks for liking the 27-year-old me! Also? I am friends with this "King" character on Facebook. Burn!

Cora said...

Also? Thanks for bringing him up, Philly! ;)