Friday, April 11, 2008

Dell Sucks

Hi. I am here to tell you that Dell sucks. Here is why.

A few weeks ago, Alex and I purchased a Canon EOS XTi from Dell. They had it for a great deal and it was kind of a spur of the moment decision. We've been checking everyday on the website since then to see when they would ship our camera.

This morning, they said our order was cancelled.

Alex called customer service, where he was passed around and told that the camera was defective. He asked to be transferred to someone who could help him get a new camera and he was transferred to sales support. There, a woman told him that he could re-order the camera, no problem. It would just cost $110 more.

Alex, of course, said that no, he wanted to purchase the camera for the price that he had originally paid. (Note: We haven't actually PAID for it yet, because we got a discount using Dell's credit service. We already own a Dell laptop.) The lady put him on hold and when she returned, she told him that marketing made a mistake on the price and that he would have to pay the new price if he wanted the camera. Alex protested that he had made this order a week ago and went through the entire check out process without a hitch. The lady apologized and offered him $100 in Dell Bucks if we purchased the camera for the new, bloated price. Not $110 Dell Bucks, but $100. That didn't even cover the difference in cost.

So, in conclusions, Dell sucks. They allowed us to purchase the camera at a specific price and then a week later, cancelled the order without any warning. We were told two different reasons for the cancellation and then that they would not compensate us for the difference in price.

Also? Alex's flight got cancelled. He's not coming until tomorrow afternoon. Don't even get me started. The fact that I just typed this while remaining calm is a testament to the power of Diet Coke and Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup.

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