Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Leetle Bit Calmer

So, I found my source. Ahem. It turned out fine. Yes. Perhaps I overreacted just a wee bit. A wee, wee, wee bit.

Anyways, I have started reading Amalah and it is ruining my life. Why? Because all I do is read it. Instead of writing papers and vision statements and interviews and journal entries. And then, THEN, I get on the computer and IM Alex about how I need to get pregnant. Like. NOW. And since Leah just announced her pregnancy today, I have a feeling he might as well just start blocking me on Google Talk. Because all I want to talk about are the babies, the sweet, sweet babies and how my eggs are like, mega freaking old, and my body is all, 'HELLO! GET PREGNANT NOW!' and how wouldn't it be the greatest to be parents???? WOULDN'T IT???? Yes it would! It would be the greatest! So impregnate me, DAMMIT.

And then I hear a kid cry in the store and think, 'THANK GOD I don't have a baby.' And then I plan imaginary purchases and vacations in my head and think, 'We HAVE to do that before we have a baby. THANK GOD we don't have a baby yet.'

Nobody can ever accuse me of being fickle. No sirree. Not me. Also? Not emotional.

But Bell is pregnant now too and we could swap stories and maybe she'd finally start a freaking blog of her own and we'd tag team on pregnancy stories and then baby stories and secretly compete on whose kid is the cutest and it'd be the BEST.EVER.


I'm a little stressed out. Is that obvious? No? Good!

And I might possibly be going crazy and I need Alex back in this state as soon as possible. Did I mention he's not here? Because he's not here! He's in Texas! The state that guarantees you will never ever leave because American is cutting all of their flights. Just like they already screwed with our flight that we booked last week to go to Dallas in June. June! They're cutting flights in June! And they're also assuring that anyone who might want to go from San Antonio to Columbus, can't do that and if he does not come back tomorrow night, I will have to lose it all over the place because there is school and there are dogs and there are in-laws and there are my parents who don't think I love them. I cannot handle this! CAN.NOT.HANDLE.THIS.

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