Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sad, Sad Songs

I really, really, really like break up songs. I have no idea why, but seriously, I can.not.stop.listening. Alex thinks I am a total freak show because he occasionally finds me zoned out in front of the computer playing Spider Solitaire with iTunes blaring. And what am I always listening to? Depressing music. Sad, sick songs about the breaking of the heart and the crying of the tears and the woe is me, blah de dah. I was just looking at my most played on iTunes and just about all of them are either sassy "I'm be the best" girlie tunes or "I'm going to die because you left me" songs. But mostly, they're just "My life is over" kind of songs. I am attributing this to the fact that my life rules and that I need to balance it out with a little depressing, hear broken whining. I hope that's it. Because if not, then I am just one sad little individual.

P.S. I'm posting on a Sunday night! I have two mid-terms this week! Shocking! I

UPDATE: Alex informed I should list some of my Favorite Sad Songs, since it goes along with the NaBloPoMo theme and because I am a procrastinating freak. Okay, he didn't say that last part, but it's true! So, in no particular order, here are just a few 10 sad songs (based mainly on my play count in iTunes.)

1. "Maybe" by Kelly Clarkson
2. "Apologize" by One Republic feat. Timbaland (That one was painful to type. What am I? 12?)
3. "Sober" by Kelly Clarkson
4. "Early Winter" by Gwen Stefani
5. "All Cried Out" by Allure feat. 112 (Ok, so this one is just a huge, overly-dramatic mess that I sing with the same conviction that I used to sing "My Heart Will Go On," because it's like a train wreck you can't stop looking at...yet SO GOOD.)
6. "Am I the Only One (Who's Ever Felt this Way)" by the Dixie Chicks. (Truthfully, I'm surprised there are this low on the list. Probably because I've been on K.Cla kick as of late.)
7. "Don't Turn Around" by Ace of Base. (This doesn't count but I couldn't believe it was on the list.)
8. "Everytime" by Britney Spears (I miss you Justin!)
9. "Cold Day in July" by Dixie Chicks
10. "It's Getting Better all the Time" by Brooks & Dunn

This list is in no way definitive, but I haven't got all night, though I have to mention "Without You" by the Dixie Chicks, "Don't Speak" by Gwen Stefani, "The Long Ride Home" by Patty Griffith, and "Hurt" by Johnny Cash.

So there you go! I have the worst taste in music EVER! And I just publicly admitted to the world! Don't judge!

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Alex said...

If I wrote a list of my favorite sad songs, it would include:

Catapult - Counting Crows (live acoustic version)
God of Wine - Third Eye Blind
Rain - Patty Griffin
Brick - Ben Folds Five