Monday, March 10, 2008

Introduction of Sorts

Alex has taken a liking to this blog thing and you can find his musings here. But what better way to properly introduce him to the internet than with an embarrassing video? Yes! I thought it was a good idea too!

Alex would like for me to note that he is not stoned in this video. And he has lost 20 pounds since we made this. Jerkface. I've lost, like, -1 pounds. (I kid, I kid, but he is seriously way ahead of me in the Biggest Loser Competition.) We were just EXTREMELY bored and ready to spend some time away from family. Hence the stupidity of the below. But hopefully, you'll find us charming in that "You're like a dumb puppy" kind of way.

Behold, our introduction to YouTube:

Great, right? GREAT! We are at my beloved Maw Maw's house and that is my mom wandering in the background for a bit. So random. So dumb. So us. Love us just the way we are!

1 comment:

Philly said...

So, how is your prostate? Haha...JK..seriously, I don't want to know. Yup - that is y'all!