Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blizzard Bumming

We've done nothing today. Nothing. I just made a list of what we did today, but then I decided it was too pathetic and deleted it.

The dogs and I are enjoying our fleece blanket while Alex suffers under the non-fleece blanket. Not that there isn't room for him over here. But there's just not enough room for both of the laptops. Because yes, we have two laptops down here in the basement as we flip between bad TV and bad movies and basketball.

I talked to my parents tonight and told them about the "horrors" of Ohio living and my mom warned me TWICE not to eat too much while just sitting around. Apparently she thinks I'm fat again.

I just saw the Manning brothers on TV and yelled "PEYTON AND ELI!!!" like a little girl.

I kind of want to bake a cake but we don't have any frosting. And an orange dream cake without frosting sounds gross to me.

So maybe my mom is on to something with the "blizzard will ruin your diet" routine.

Alex just brought down a plate of "healthy" chicken nuggets. ("Healthy" because the bag proclaims that they are.) He said they suck. I'll let you know.

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