Monday, March 17, 2008

An Open Letter to the Internet

Dear Internet,

Please stop freaking me out about the babies. The poor, poor babies. Now all I can think about are the many, many, many ways a pregnancy and birth can go wrong. Sure, maybe you are trying to point out how "shallow" my life is with the "golf lessons" and the "parties." But you know what? I LIKE IT THAT WAY. Is it necessary to keep bringing up blogs that make me cry? Really? I think that's a bit much. Just because my blog is "vapid" and "boring," doesn't mean you have to mock it. Sure I haven't written anything of substance since 2005, but do you have to throw it back in my face like this? There is a place for this. Just look at Reality TV! Some people call it "dumb," but I call it "accessible." I am FUN. Do you hear me? F.U.N. So stop pointing out all the suffering with the real people and their real lives and their real problems. It's making me depressed and if you keep this up I'm going to throw a Hannah McDonald book at you and I bet you won't like it.

Love forever and always,

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Bell said...

I don't know if we are reading the same blogs, but I know exactly how you feel. I've stumbled upon several recently that are so sad. I feel your pain.