Thursday, September 22, 2005


1) I talk to myself at work. Out loud. This is embarassing. I'm becoming one of them.

2) My Dunkin' Donuts tumbler is quite possibly the coolest $2.50 I've ever spent.

3) Early morning e-mails from old friends make the day start off right.

4) I babble when I type. Love me or hate me, you have to admit I can write one hell of an e-mail.

5) I realized today that I'm actually terrified of being in a romantic relationship again. No like seriously, my heart has an iron casing around it. I realized today that I don't even FEEL anymore. I just try to imagine sometimes.

6) So much for progress.

7) Remember When by Alan Jackson makes me want to kill myself. I thought about linking to the lyrics but I couldn't allow my blog to associate with such an insipid song.

8) I was shocked when BGF told me today was the first day of fall. I'm a little concerned that I'm letting my life pass me by.

9) I screamed OUT LOUD while watching Lost last night. That show should NOT be that scary.

10) There's a new Fankhauser in this world. I am old.

11) I am a cookie addict. I can't eat just one. Which is why I am forcing myself to avoid the cookie stash at work. (Yes! Such a thing exists!) But that didn't stop me from getting Baskin Robbins last night. In a waffle cone. It was almost like Waffle Cone Wednesday lived again. Excpet at a different store and no special price.

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