Thursday, September 15, 2005

Celebrity Crushes are Cool!

If you watch "So You Think You Can Dance?" then you're dumb like me. And sorry if I'm ruining something for you here. However, I doubt that I am because I only have, like, 6 readers and I'm pretty sure all of you are smart enough to not get sucked into the stupidity of a 2nd rate reality show.

Anyway, my bad news of the night is that the spoiler mills are running with news of my TV boyfriend's demise. Yes, it seems to be true. Artem has been eliminated.

And dangit, I LOVE HIM. He's got that sexy international flair that's just ROWR. And his hips and the moving of the hips and the abs and...sigh. He's gone. No more sexy. It's sad.


I've got GOOD news too!

Zellweger and Chesney are a fraud! Many thanks to Jodi for breaking the news that Ms. Zellweger's evil squinty grip has loosened on Mr. Chesney. I didn't think it'd last, but I had gaven them at least a year. But 4 months? That's kind of sad. But it's okay because that means the hottest man in country is single again! Which means I can have my old Country Music boyfriend back and leave that Dierks Bentley character to the youngins. Who says I'm not loyal?

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Jodi said...

Rowrrrrrr! :) I am sorry he is leaving you. I am sure he will pop up somewhere else soon though.

And sooo YEAH on my heartthrob being single again. He has the cutest tushie!