Saturday, September 10, 2005


Well, I totally wrote a fake post while I was at work this morning. (What? I can't blog at work? You'd blog too if you had to listen to old ladies sing "Proud to be an American" very very VERY loudly.) And I was going to do this stupid fake and cheesy post about my TV boyfriend, Artem.

But I don't get internet at work (Which sucks a lot, by the way) and so I came home ready to copy and paste my post from my e-mail. (Yes, I know you can blog from your e-mail but I never learned how, ok?) But I checked all my regular blogs first and saw that Leah had posted a much better post about a very real and really hot boyfriend. So that just made me feel stupid about my fake TV boyfriend even though I think the concept of a TV boyfriend is hilarious and I love having "celebrity" crushes. So I'll scrap the Artem schtick and just say that I want to learn how to dance Latin ballroom. With him. Badly.

In other news, I experienced Chick-Fil-A breakfast for the first time this morning and HOLY COW is it good. It puts my favorite McDonalds to shame. To shame, people! That tasty little mini-chicken runs circle around a sausage any freakin day of the week. Except Sundays when Chick-Fil-A employees are given the day off to worship and spend time with their families. Which isn't what they officially say, but it's what Hobby Lobby says and by God, we know that if one Christian owned business says it, they must all say it.

Also, I'm planning a big and bitter rant against certain members of my family and their inability to be considerate to people. Just wait, kids! It's gonna be on fire!

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Jodi said...

You are too funny! I was all ready to read about your fake boyfriend. LOL

I didn't know Chick-Fil-A had breakfast too. There aren't any around here. It has been years since I have eaten there. Yum!