Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana this weekend. St. Tammany Parish (which is where my hometown, Covington, is located) got it pretty bad. It's a little surreal for me to look at all the destruction and hear about all of the bad weather and think that it happened to where I'm from. The good news is that my parents live somewhere else now, so they were safe. The bad news is that my grandmother did not evacuate. She was there for all of it, unfortunately. And I have no idea how she is doing. All the phone lines are down (cell phones included) in the area and the parish is closed, so my parents can't even get in to check on her.

They were going to bring her to stay with them, but then my great-aunt decided that she wanted to evacuate form her home even FURTHER south. And my grandmother being the stubbornly good person that she is, agreed to stay with her family in her house in Covington. Her house isn't very sturdy...and so I'm a little nervous since there were 100 MPH winds. Was it 100 MPH wind strong? No one has heard from her since Sunday morning when she was getting ready to go to church. I just don't know how she is, but I hope I find out soon. I might throw my phone if I get another "Sorry, all circuits are busy at this time" signal.

You can donate to help the survivors rebuild here.

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Jodi said...

I cannot imagine the torture of not knowing where your loved ones are after a devestating blow like this.

I hope you get some word soon! Thinking of you. :)