Sunday, August 14, 2005

Almost Famous

As I mentioned a month or so ago, I've been looking into getting some kicking speakers for my iPod.* BGF told me to check out CompUSA because they apparently have a good lot of Apple friendly products. The bad thing about Apple products is that they're so pretty. It's just all so distracting. So what began as a short trip turned into a long session of ooohing and aaahing over widescreen flatscreen Steve Jobs goodness. At one point I managed to tear my eyes away from the biggest display of iTunes I had EVER SEEN and turned around to see this man.

Only I completely didn't believe my eyes. I was like, "There is NO WAY that is Dave Chappelle. NO. WAY." And then BGF came over and whispered, "That guy looks JUST LIKE Dave Chappelle." And that was all the confirmation I needed.

Dude! That's Dave Chappelle!

And there he was buying cables for his Mac. He was with his son and seemed really quiet and reserved. At one point he totally saw me staring at him and I turned away because I was a little embarassed to be gawking at the poor man. Later, an older couple approached him and the woman shook his hand and said she loved his show. He was extremely gracious and I was really impressed with him.

So if you're a fan of his show, then I'm happy to report that he doesn't look like he's been in the loony bin or has lost his mind. He just looked...tired. I actually kind of felt bad for him.

And so goes my very first real life celebrity sighting.

*I received the greatest set of speakers in the world from BGF for my birthday and I will regale you with the greatest birthday in recent history soon and very soon.


Sean said...

I'd actually heard that he shopped at a local CompUSA before. I didn't believe it myself, but with two reports I can't contest it any longer. That would be really cool, but you should have gone up to him and complimented him on his show and been really annoying about it ;)

Because seriously, if you're on national television, shouldn't you be wearing some sort of disguise when shopping in public to avoid detection and compliments and requests for autographs? (Also the occasional irate viewer)

Just a tip for when you're famous Cora

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Tim said...

I always thought he went, "I'M RICK JAAAAAAAAAAAMESSSSSSS BITCH!" in public. Now I'm extremly dissapointed.
Apple devotees are going to enjoy ranting about how Dave Chapelle uses a Mac. (MACS R AwSoME!!11!1! LOL wINDOWS iS teh SUK1!!11!11)