Saturday, August 27, 2005

But Daddy, I wanted a Mercedes!

This is the car I want, in case any of you were wondering. It's a Pontiac G6. Yes, it's the car that Oprah gave to everyone in her audience last year. Yes, it's a GM car. Yes it just came out last year and it's from Pontiac, the same people who thought the Grand Am was a good idea. But it's just so pretty. I want the 4 door sedan because I'm a practical gal. But I'd like to have a sunroof because I'm young and hip too. And did I mention that it's pretty?

Why am I looking at cars? Well, it's certainly not because the Sentra is on it's last leg. NOOOOOO. It's not still squeaky after getting new brake pads and rotors. It doesn't have so many cracks in its windshield that it's looking like a wine glass in an opera house. It certainly doesn't have 180,000 miles on it. And it would never even think about need new upholstery. NEVER. Why, the Sentra is in fine form! It's as if the year of its birth was only yesterday. 1994 wasn't so long ago. Grunge music is still cool and we still wear flannel, right? And the tape deck! THAT'S not out of date. Nobody really uses CD's yet. And isn't that Forrest Gump movie so awesome? I thought so too. See, it's like a box of chocolates...and it's a totally bad thing that I don't know what I'm gonna get everytime I open the Sentra and crank her up. She's just old folks. She needs to retire.

Here's to hoping for some strong self-discipline in saving money!

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