Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here and There

The other night, Alex turned to me and said, "Are you ever going to blog again?"

I guess I've been gone a while.

Jack and I were out of town for almost 3 straight weeks. And it's taken me a while to get back into the groove of things. And this week, we are implementing the great nap switch of 2010 and frankly, I don't know what to do with all the free time I have in the afternoon. Because only one nap a day is AWESOME. We eat breakfast and watch Sesame Street and get ready and then run our errands for the day. Then we eat lunch and Jack sleeps for 3-ish hours. THREE HOURS. In fact, we're working on Hour #4 as I type this.

So here's some random notes on things I haven't blogged about, but meant to. (The awesomeness of that sentence is overwhelming, I know.)

- We took Jack to the zoo for the first time while we were in Ohio. I think he liked it. He was more interested in walking around than looking at the animals, but he did notice them, at least. And he saw his very first manatee, which warmed my heart. He fell asleep about half way through, so Alex, my sis-in-law, and I enjoyed the rest of the zoo while pushing a sleeping toddler around.

- Jack is a champion flyer. His ears don't bother him at all and he even got to sit in his very own seat on our two flights home. I kind of want to give him a medal.

- I got my hair cut. Very short! It's just below my chin. I have a picture...somewhere. On my phone perhaps? I'll...probably never get to posting that, so why lie? But it's the shortest it has been in a very, very long time and I'm still getting used to it. However, it's finally blonde again and I don't look like I'm going for the two-toned hair look. Hooray!

- I did not work out AT ALL while we were out of town and consequently gained some weight. Weight that I had worked very hard to take off. And that has got to be one of the most frustrating things in the entire world. Alex has been 7 kinds of motivated to work out this week, but I just haven't been feeling it. I finally sucked it up and did Jillian's Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism workout today. And I am actually typing this post from the grave because that stupid DVD KILLED me.

- It's as hot as hades down here. (Shocking, I know. Super hot in south Texas in June? You don't say!) So we've been hitting the pool quite a bit. Jack loves the pool. Loooooooooooooooves it. He is definitely his father's child as I only like the pool if I can sit in a chair with a cold drink and a book. But I go in the water anyway, because he really likes it and I really like him. I haven't attempted the pool trip solo yet, but I'm sure that will happen as I get desperate for things to tire that little ball of energy out.

- Glee! Glee! Oh man, Glee. I love that show. I've watched the season finale four or five times now. And the Journey medley even MORE times. I am so sad there aren't any new episodes until September-ish. Even though it is sometimes wildly inconsistent, I still can't get enough of it.

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