Friday, June 25, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - 6/25/10

1. The baby voluntarily went down for a nap today. An EARLY nap, no less. I really don't know what to do with myself.

2. I've completed week one of my 10K training. Today starts Week 2 and frankly, I am TERRIFIED. Pretty sure I'm going to die right there on the treadmill for all the world (read: my fellow gym goers) to see.

3. We went to Bass Pro Shop last night. I am not a fan Bass Pro Shop, BUT my husband is and he rarely gets to go to a store that only HE wants to visit. He went to look at guns and I was left in charge of the baby. He and I wandered around until we saw the best thing ever. Shoes! I had NO IDEA they had such a large shoe section. I told Alex that if he wanted me to go to Bass Pro earlier, all he had to do was mention the shoes.

4. I bought some brown Reef flip flops at Bass Pro.
I love them.

5. I found a blue doll stroller at Babies R Us yesterday. I've been wanting to get Jack a doll stroller for a while now, because he loves to push his OWN stroller around. So far, it has been a hit and it warms my heart to see him pushing his sock monkey around the apartment.

6. Jack and I colored today for the first time. I got him those funny little round toddler crayons. He doesn't quite get the concept yet. When he was tired of those, he grabbed a block and started rubbing it all over the paper. He seemed really confused about why nothing was happening to the paper. His face was the essence of "What the?"

7. I've been trying to use up the stuff we have at home before going out and buying more. (Novel concept, I know!) So I busted out some old Burt's Bees soap that I had been given a while ago. Everything seemed fine and dandy until I actually USED it the other day. It had an unmistakable smell. The smell of a MAN. I got out of the shower and told Alex that he was free to use the soap because I didn't want to walk around with a musky scent. So if you see me sometime soon and I smell a little...masculine. Be kind. I'm just trying to be economical!

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Philly said...

Pictures of coloring would have been a nice addition. Just kidding! Well....