Sunday, September 06, 2009

Time Traveler's Wife

So I finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife today. And I don't think I liked it. At first, I thought I did. I was anxious to finish the book and I forced Alex to listen to me muse about plot points many times over the last week or so. And I feel BAD not liking it. Most people like it, right? But it didn't do it for me. I feel...annoyed, I think? Here's what's mostly bugging me. (I'll try to keep it spoiler free for anybody who wants to read the book or see the movie unspoiled.)

- The ending left me cold. I didn't find it romantic or sweet or lovely. I was just sort of like, really? That' I was looking for more closure. And I felt like the denouement was rushed and sloppy.

- I hated Gomez. HATED.HIM. And you're supposed to like him, right? Because, well, I think he's a big jerkface. I actually have a different word I'd like to use to describe him, but since this is a family blog, I'll refrain. But yeah, I have a vision of what I believe a best friend should be and well, that's not it.

- The sex stuff. Y'all, I have SO MUCH TO SAY about the sex stuff. There were multiple parts where I was like, that is just CREEPY and GROSS. STOP IT, HENRY, STOP IT. I can't really talk about any parts of it without giving away major plot points, but it mostly grossed me out and made me think Henry was just a selfish, horny bastard.

- I greatly disliked the name choice for one of the characters because it made me think of a certain starlet who I just found out was once engaged to DiNozzo on NCIS.

- I could have done without the detailed descriptions of the art and the dreams. I felt like Niffenegger was just trying to be artistic and wordy. And frankly, we didn't need it. It was pointless. I found myself thinking, "Cut the fat! Get on with it! The book is already too long!"

There are a few other things I'd complain about, but they reveal lots of plot points, so I'll refrain. I mean, it was mostly well written and the story did have me hooked. I was interested in knowing more about the characters and fleshing out their relationship. But at the same time, it sort of pissed me off. I didn't finish it thinking, "What a great book!" I finished it thinking, "Really? God, that's disappointing." I still want to see the movie and I'd recommend the book to others with a few cautious words before embarking on the journey. And then, when they finished, I'd ask, "You hated Gomez, right? RIGHT?"

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philly said...

Hated Gomez!! And just as a forewarning, one of the things about the movie that annoyed me was that they don't portray Gomez as the jerk that he is! When we went and saw the movie I had to fill Bonnie in on how the book ended with Gomez..ugh!