Friday, September 04, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - 9/4/09

1. I am suffering from some serious, serious writer's block, y'all. Serious.

2. Did you know that you if you expedite your passport, you'll get it in a week? Not the 2-3 weeks they say it will take? I thought someone was possibly breaking into our house this morning, but instead, it turns out that it was the mailman opening our screen door to drop off a Very Important Package. I'm so excited! I can officially leave the country. Mexico, here I come!

3. I love, love, love having a library card. So far, Alex and I have watched The Reader and Doubt. And I've got Australia and He's Just Not That Into You to watch this weekend. For free! FREE! Not to mention the Baby Einstien DVD I got for Jack.

4. So yeah. I reserved a couple of Baby Einstein DVD's about sign language so Jack and I could watch them together. Even though the first one is designed for a much older baby, I thought we'd go ahead and give it a whirl. I put the DVD in one day while I needed to get some stuff done, figuring that he would LOVE it. He really likes watching TV, remember? So I assumed he'd jump at the chance to watch a DVD just for him. Yep, he could care less. I couldn't get him to pay attention to save my life. Thanks, kid.

5. It's taken me hours to write this so far. HOURS. I'm really struggling here, people.

6. So tomorrow, we're going to the American Idol concert. I'm pretty excited because I get to see Kris Allen IN REAL LIFE. I'm also pumped to see Anooooooop. I've read a bunch of reviews and it sounds like a fun, entertaining show. I'm also looking forward to a few hours of adult-only time. NO BAYBEEZ ALLOWED.

7. I'm over half way through The Time Traveler's Wife. This was my selection for our second go round of the book club. However, it never made it back to me until a few weeks ago. So I'm a little late on getting it read. I am hoping to finish it in time to see the movie in the theaters. Has anyone else seen the movie? Is it any good? No spoilers yet, please. Like I said, I'm not quite done and I've actually avoided learning any plot details yet. I know! SHOCKING.


philly said...

1) Where are you going in Mexico (and why)?
2) I saw the Time Travelers Wife - I went in with low expectations and it was fine. There is just so much in that book that they can't fit into 2 hours!
3) I want to know what you think of He's just not that into you... I liked some parts but had issues with parts!

Cora said...

1) We're going on a cruise! I am finally getting my honeymoon. :) We have two port of calls...Cozymel and Calica.
2) Good to know that it's okay. I just posted my opinions on the book. I still want to see the movie. Maybe when it hits the dollar theater.
3) I'm gonna watch "He's Just Not That Into You" tomorrow. I'll let you know what I think!

philly said...

Wahoo for a honeymoon!!!!