Thursday, September 03, 2009

5 Months

Excuse me, I have a 6 am tee time. Which way to the first tee?

The child, he continues to grow. We celebrated the fifth month of his life by not sleeping. He woke up around 2-something and didn't go back to sleep until 3-something. And then we were back up at 5-something. And then again at 7-something. I also saw a time that started with "4" and "6." Shockingly, we're tired here at the Sand Palace. We took these pictures tonight and you can see the exhaustion on his face. But, I mean, it's CUTE exhaustion, right?

We had to wait to take the pictures because Jack thought it'd be awesome to poop through this super cute outfit. So what did I do? Washed it and put it BACK ON HIM. Oh yes I did! Because he just looked too cute to not capture it for all eternity. Also? Shoes! The shoes! It's the first time he ever wore shoes! SHOOOOOEEEEESSSSS! My word, they are ADORABLE. And the shorts with the plaid-ness? LOVE.IT.

This month, Jack has gotten really excited about interacting with the world. He grabs just about everything now, including the straps on the diaper bag. And our cups. And power cords. Joy! Maybe, just maybe we should look into baby-proofing the house? Maybe? He also is under the impression that he can almost sit up on his own. And that he can roll wherever he wants. And push himself forward almost as if he's CREEPING. It's like he just keeps getting bigger and bigger. What in the world?

We had a big month of firsts this past month. First plane ride. First solids. First shoes. I can't believe it's already gone by so quickly. I know, I know, EVERYONE says that. But seriously. This past month has flown by. No other month has gone by so quickly. But it's been a wonderful and I have truly enjoyed my sweet boy. Have I mentioned that he reaches for my face now? He mouths my chin and cheeks and I pretend he's kissing me. He's probably just gumming me like the gums everything else, but in my head? It's totally a kiss. I'm happy to kiss him back as long as he'll let me.


philly said...

Not much longer and he will have that basket destroyed!

Mel said...

First shoes?? B's been wearing shoes since about one. Ha. I have a thing about shoes. Just a little bit:) I'm pretty sure he owns more than I do.
PS. cutest kid ever. except for B of course.