Thursday, June 05, 2008

Checking In and Checking Out

So. I survived the week. Yay! BUT, now I'm now going out of town, so I still won't blog.

I know, I know, y'all are all shocked because I am so consistent in posting. But it's true. I'm flying to Dallas for the wedding of one of my very bestest friends ever in the history of the world and I am giddy. GIDDY, folks. And to add to that awesomeness, all of my close friends from college will be there. AND I get to see my best friend from high school who just announced her pregnancy. Which makes me feel old and jealous and possibly insane.

Point is? It's gonna be a good weekend. I need to relax and I have but a smattering of school work to do while I'm down there. Our bags are packed, our boarding passes are printed and we both got haircuts. It's also my first time to fly with Alex and I am pumped to take a mini-vacation with him. I can't imagine a better traveling partner.

So, be good internet. Enjoy the wonderful weekend and stay out of trouble.

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