Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. PREGNANT. I can't even believe it! Holy cow!


Also? In case anyone was wondering or anyone cares, I still have the ability to test well when it comes to the arena of academia. I aced the final and the paper in Human Development. And I seriously, seriously aced them, as in got perfect scores on both. Which I didn't think was possible and I know is exceedingly obnoxious and really, who CARES about grades, right?


I DO. Gah! I am trying SO HARD not to, but the second I got the e-mail from my professor, I ran to find Alex to share my good news. And then I called my mom. Which I thought was funny. I am 27 years old and my initial reaction is still to tell mommy so she can be proud of her little girl. But really, my mom is so cute and supportive, you can't not tell her. And I knew that if anyone in this world would be unabashedly proud and not at all alarmed at my inability to NOT geek out, it'd be her.

Sorry to share this. I even made the conscious decision not to blog about this when I found out, because, seriously, WHO CARES? But it's my blog and I care, dangit! I'm just so relieved that my hard work paid off! And that I'm learning something in a field that I'm really excited about and interested in. Plus, I am SHOCKED that I did so well. I had so much going on this semester (wedding...funeral...), that I had prepared myself to get less than stellar grades. I'm just so happy with myself and the results.

Should I delete this? I might delete this. Maybe I will. I'll sleep on it first, though.


In other news, I am thisclose to finishing Christmas shopping for my side of the family. Yes, just my side. Alex's side of the family has decided to wait until after we all get back in town. Which is fine by me because I am SUCH a slacker gift buyer.

However, I am pleased to report that I managed an amazing present score today when I purchased my father's "showstopper" gift. Giving gifts is a big deal in my family, and I am sure part of it has to do with my state of only child-ness. (Proper English!) Also, I just think my parents are into gift giving. Well, at least my mom is. My dad is into letting her buy whatever. Does that count?

My father usually will give me a short list of items he might enjoy as a gift. And every year, I try to purchase those items and maybe one or two more to surprise him with. This system has been exceedingly helpful these past few years and I have come to expect, nay, rely on these lists.

Well this year, my father has decided to be difficult. He doesn't "need" anything. There isn't anything he can really think of that he "wants." There's nothing that is catching his eye or tickling his fancy or even slightly appealing. NOTHING. The one thing he has mentioned is replacement razors for this electric shaver. Seriously. Replacement razors?

Tonight, I had a total breakdown in Wal-Mart. I couldn't think of anything at all to please him. Nothing. I called my mom and we had a pow wow in the bathroom furniture aisle. Still nothing. NOTHING. I was so frustrated and upset. I know that it's the thought that counts, but I totally view gifts as an expression of my love and a gift card to Wal-Mart simply does not convey that sentiment.

I finally gave up and headed to Kohl's. I get my love of clothes from my father and he always likes the ties and shirts I pick out. I picked out a snazzy tie, a cotton non-iron shirt (Important! Because my mom refuses to iron!), and as a bonus, a chenille throw. All nice things, but nothing really amazing. No home run. No show stopper.

And then I saw it. In the men's coats, there on display right by the aisle, a black leather jacket. It was gorgeous. And perfect. And yes, I know, PETA will hate me, but my dad loves leather. Seriously. Loves it. Always wants to go in leather stores and look at the leather items and lovingly caress them. I called my mom and told her my idea and her reaction confirmed it. She said, "He would love it, but he would NEVER buy one himself." That is the classic sign of the perfect gift. And to add to this great find, I also had a coupon for 15% off all purchases. And then when I checked out, I got to scratch off the super special coupon and got 20% off instead. It was a sign, people! A sign!

So now I have a beautiful leather jacket to give my dad that he is totally not expecting. I am so excited and so relieved. I can't wait to give it to him and see the look on his face. And hopefully, PETA won't be able to find us.

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Philly said...

Yay for continuing with the good grades!!!!! I'm proud of you, but my geekness can relate :-)