Monday, December 10, 2007


Today was kind of rough for me. I'm just not feeling well and it's kind of bringing me down. I'm at the weird beginning stage of getting sick and desperately trying to avoid it. But what can you do? You've got to get up and go to work and suffer through. I wasn't bringing my "A" game all day and I freely admit this. After work, I needed to run a few errands and the last one was at Target. I was desperate for some snowflake stationary to go in my snowflake Christmas cards this year and all Staples had to offer was 250 sheets of it. And while I am blessed with many friends, I don't have 250 of them that I want to send letters to. So I found myself in the Target parking lot finishing the last bit of my turkey sandwich. At that point, I felt like I was going to pass out in my car and so I decided I needed to eat something before I made my way into the store. Once I finished my delicious sandwich, I opened the door and then turn to unplug my phone from the charger. I looked up before I grabbed my purse and realized the guy next to me has come up to get in his car. I apologize and close the door. We had the following exchange:

"Thank you."

"No problem!"

Harmless, right? I grab my purse and get the trash to throw away and step out of my car. The guy has not left yet and instead, chooses to roll down his window.

"What do you mean, 'No problem?" Like, what does that mean? I said, 'Thank you' and you responded with 'No problem??"

At this point, I giggle and make a move to leave, because he can't be serious right? But he continues.

"No. I wonder what you meant by that. When someone says 'Thank you,' you say, "You're welcome,' or 'Have a nice day,' or nothing at all. But you said, 'No problem.' Why would you say that? What do you mean by that? What does that mean??"

I stare at him and say, "I don't know." At this point, I'm not thinking clearly and can only think, "Is this guy serious? Really? Who cares?" But no. He hasn't dropped it yet.

"No really, what do you think that means?"

I giggle uncomfortably and start looking around for back up. And also the best way to run away from this creep. He figures out that I'm not there for a fight, and (hopefully) that I don't give a rat's ass what he thinks and he concludes with, "Have a nice day." He rolls up his window and drives away.

Sadly, there is no one around to pick my jaw up from off the ground. I proceed towards the store and feel disbelief that someone would really take umbrage with such a stupid phrase. And then I pause and say out loud, "Blog post for tonight!"

Always the silver lining, eh?

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