Monday, December 03, 2007

Things I have Learned in Married Life

Alex's favorite sandwich is turkey, pickle, and mayo on wheat.

Sarcastic jokes delivered in the wrong tone lead to fights about college football. (Stupid, stupid fights.)

Just because one of us has a key to the back door, doesn't mean the other one does. And just because that back-door-keyless person has a key to the front door, does not mean that person can open that freakish, old, impossible front door.

Guessing if the envelope contains either a Christmas or a sympathy card is a fun game!

My dog is not annoying. Yours definitely is.

Two computers + two dogs + two blankets + one space heater = good times in an extremely small room.

Deciding to cuddle instead of studying might not help ones grades, but does indeed help one feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. And outside. Because it's cold. Have I mentioned that it's cold? Because it's cold.

Louisiana for Christmas is an excellent idea.

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