Sunday, June 03, 2007

Red, Red, Red

Today, we went to the Strawberry Festival and I got sunburned. I also got chocolate covered strawberries, so it evens out.

I'm pleased to announce that Alex and I officially purchased home decorations together this weekend. It's like we're getting married or something. I will have to take pictures of them to post, but we scored a great painting of downtown Dayton on the river and then two super cute (to me, anyways) homemade, crafty, wooden, personalized, thingies that most grandmas have in their home. But they were too cute and I wanted them for my own house. Again, pictures would make this post a lot better, but I've been cleaning Alex's house in preparation for Union '07 and then relaxed by stalking people on MySpace.

And who has time to take pictures and post them, when you're trying to figure out where people are living, if they are still dating and/or married, and if they still look the same? Seriously, people, why are you hiding? I want to know what is going on with you. Post on your blogs! Make your MySpace profiles public! Or, even better, GET on MySpace! Come on! Cora wants to stalk!

**Edited to add: I kept reading "public" as "pubic." Those are two very, very different things. Which, while we're on the topic, I need to get my eyes checked out. I think I need glasses. Which completely sucks because my good insurance from my old job is out and I'm (not so) patiently waiting for the new job's insurance to kick in. I sincerely hope I don't go blind by then.

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