Thursday, August 03, 2006

Blobbity Blah

Guy, the dog, pondering the deep wonders of life during Alex's cornhole tournament a few weeks ago. Who knew that throwing bean bags into holes could cause such a stir? And people always say Arkansas is boring? This is the midwest people. Beer and beanbags. Judge ye not the South.

In other news, I still have a lot and nothing to say all at the same time. I want to gush about my boyfriend and run a marathon while sitting on the couch and schooling those losers on The World Series of Pop Culture. I want to cuddle Parsnip and write a novel all while making enough money to buy out Old Navy and Kohl's so I can stop waking up every morning and thinking, I have nothing to wear. I'd also like to stop sending e-mails to Alex that include the words "need" and "baby" and "now." I'm turning 26 next week and my ovaries are aging and why can't I just fold all my clothes and put them up and stop being such a whiner and get a new job already?



Leah said...

We should have a sleepover to talk about all the stuff we want to talk about.

philison said...

I love that you want babies. How we have grown from 12 year olds (although debatable for both of us)!! Please write your novel - I’d read it! (And Chicago? Who wants to go there? You and Alex should come visit us in Texas… we can go wakeboarding! Common Alex, whaddya say?)

Guy & Julie said...

You verbalize my daily thought processes perfectly! I relate to all of that (except maybe writing the novel part). I'm 26, and I may need to start feeling more of a rush on the whole eggs rotting thing (did you watch the Travis season of the Bachelorette and see that crazy doctor woman?) than I do. But other than those things, you echo my thoughts amost exactly!

anona_shawn said...

Well in truth we do what we do because 'we is what we is'

I'm 31 and a boy and I want babies too. It's not something that I'd admit in front of my friends or girlfriend, but inside, that's something that I want in my life. Waiting is not a problem though, as there's a lot to live for going on right now.