Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sugar Rush, Possibly. Or Just A Little Too Much Energy For My Own Good Right Now At This Very Second, AGGGHHHH!!!!!

I wish everyone had to blog so I could spy on them easily. How else am I supposed to know what is going on with people I sort of know? What? What was that you said? TALK to them? Please.

Like, right now, I have a conundrum. There's this dude that I know and I think he lives by Alex, but I'm not for sure. And I'm not a phone talker and I haven't talked to him since he got married and I have no idea if I even have his correct phone number. And have I mentioned that I'm not a phone talker? Cause I'm not. At all. Ever. Unless you're Lana Cantrell.

So I don't want to call this guy. And I don't know if I have his e-mail address. He's never on AIM. And I can't just hang around outside Alex's house in the hopes of catching him walking his dog again. Because...creepy. (Not that that stopped me from driving down the street I suspected he lived on, stopping the car, staring intently at what I thought was his truck, and willing someone to come out of the house.)

(Ok, I exaggerated a little bit.)

(I didn't stop, but I did try to will someone out of the house.)

(Alex was with me, ok? It wasn't really stalkerish. We didn't stop, I promise. But I did make Alex drive down the suspected street of residence, and then pointed at the truck and squealed, "I bet that's his house!")

So yeah, I've clued Alex in on this and now he is on the lookout for a guy he has never seen, much less met. However, I did an excellent job describing this fellow (putting my heretofore unused English graduate skills to use) and he has since reported that he thinks he has seen this guy walking his dog in the neighborhood too.

(Did I just set a record for using "he" in a sentence? Pronoun power!)

Which brings me back to my original thought. How do I FIND this sort of former friend? How do I make contact? Why can't he just blog, so I can leave a cheeky comment? Or better yet, if he blogged, I bet I would have already known that he was moving to Alex's neighborhood and had baked a cake and eaten it in his honor?

Or why can't he at least have a MySpace, for crying out loud? EVERBODY IS ON MYSPACE. I just got a friend request from some girl I barely knew in high school. She and I weren't even really friends. I barely recognized her and if she hadn't have had a girl I knew from high school as a friend, I would have rejected her. (Girlfriend has gained some weight since high school. Which isn't a bad thing at all, because she has birthed an incredibly adorable little boy, whereas I've gained weight since high school and all I've done is eaten a lot of chocolate and fried chicken.)

(Not that THAT is stopping me from eating the last piece of Alex's brother's birthday cake straight out of the box with the fork that Alex left IN the box this morning after he ate the second-to-last piece for breakfast.)

Where was I?



Oh yeah, so why can't this guy, who I know and whose company I enjoy, be as easily accessible as the girl whose last name I can't even remember from high school? As much fun as it is to sit around and hope I catch him unhappily walking his dog, I'd like to make that lovely, impersonal, electronic connection.


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Leah said...

You, me, twins. If I couldn't spy on people through the Internet, my life would be sad and empty.