Sunday, August 13, 2006

Way Home Back

Wrigley Field, y'all. I've been wanting to see it for almost 20 years. Ridiculous, I know. But's the home of the Cubbies!

We're finally home and exhausted. Work tomorrow will be full of me sighing, yawning, and thinking, "I wish I was back in Chicago." I will, of course, e-mail Alex every hour with an udpate on my misery and he'll patiently reply with "Yes, baby. I know. Me too."

I'd also like to point out that, in addition to being poor time managers, bad navigators, and suffering from memory loss, Alex and I are also a wee bit uncoordinated. Some might even say that we are clumsy. So today, when my handsome boyfriend fought with a ketchup bottle at lunch....the ketchup won.

But that's ok, because it gave him an opportunity to change into his brand spanking new Cubs shirt.

What a stud!

More trip details and more pictures (hundreds taken!) coming soon. Preferably at a time when I am not falling asleep on the keyboard. My eyelids are very, very, very heavy.

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