Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Behold, the reason I am not blogging.

Ok, that's not COMPLETELY the reason I haven't been blogging, but this game is an awesome time waster. In fact, I can barely type this post in between my twangy yelps into the microphone. And seriously, "Friends In Low Places" is a fantastically difficult song to sing just like Garth. Who do these people think I am? A karoke mastermind?

Poor Alex is now forced to hear my mediocre melodies waft throughout his entire house. He can't get away from it. And it's his PS2, so I can only play at his house. He came home the other day to hear me butchering "The Gambler." And just now? He endured the last 2 mintues of "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy." He tried to take my picture and failed. Ha!

But I've gotta stop because "What Was I Thinkin" is starting!


Jodi said...

LOL! Those are some good songs! Maybe Alex will buy you a karaoke machine for Christmas. :)

Philison said...

Alex – we need pictures! Especially since we are obviously not going to get the rest of the Chicago stories/pics!!