Sunday, June 18, 2006

Puppy Power!

So things are going swimmingly in the personal life and seriously there will be pleasant introductions in the near future, but there are more pressing matters to deal with right now. Mainly, can anyone tell me why Parsnip is the biggest wuss in the known universe? Because as Britney Spears would say, "She is, for reals, y'all."

I took her (Parsnip, not Britney. Although I think Brit could use a little time away from K Fed.) to a cookout Friday night and there were lots of puppies present (The list of suspects: Murphy, Beast, Fiona, Guy, and Hailey. I love puppy names!) and they were all very pleased to have a new pup in the mix. Except that that new pup was TERRIFIED of them and looked longingly at her momma the WHOLE night. I spent the entire time either holding her or passing her off to another nice young lady who understood my delimna. I'm pretty sure she would have taken Parsnip home with her, if it weren't for the fact that Fiona, Guy, and Hailey all already lived with her.

I have pictures of Parsnip looking terrified, but they're not on this computer, so just do me a favor and imagine my little baby miserable and that's how she looked all night. I'm starting to think that she doesn't realize she is a dog. She aboslutely refused to sniff the other dog's butts and barely tolerated their interested sniffing. She refused to run with them. And when I went inside to use the bathroom, she clung to my leg and asked, "Why momma? Why????"

Another part of the problem is that Beast had a little crush on her. Beast is a chihuaua/pug mix (lovingly referred to as a "chug") and he's not the prettiest fellow around. He's all gangly and weird with his smooshed in face. So I don't think he gets a lot of attention from the ladies. So when he saw the beauty that is Parsnip, he just had to get to know her better. He followed her around everywhere she went and was very, VERY interested in getting to know her better. (He was also interested in getting to know my wine and spilled a large portion of it on my shirt. Thanks Beast!) And I've been pretty careful to keep Parsnip sheltered and away from boy dogs. I didn't want her growing up too fast and being a woman of the world, so she's wholly unprepared to deal with members of the opposite sex. It got to the point, that everytime Beast came near Parsnip, she growled at him. I'm going to have to teach her how to flirt, apparently. If I can't have babies, maybe my dog will!

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