Monday, June 05, 2006

Play Ball

I went to a Dragon's game tonight courtesy of my employer. I love it when my bosses decide to not use their tickets because then I get to feel like a pimp because they always get good seats every season. And then I get to go and bask in the glory of being front and center for all the action. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.
My personal favorite of the night was stalking a particular outfielder who, as I learned from my Dayton Dragon magazine thingy, was in the military, but just so darn good in sports that they let him out of active duty. Which...fair? Not so much. Good for my eyes? Definitely. I spent at least an hour trying to get a good shot of his butt. Boy needed to get more hits, obviously. Anyway, this shot (of Number 9) will have to do until I can meet him in person and can then obnoxiously take pictures from behind at a very close range. Because I'm prone to doing that kind of a thing. Seriously. That's how I roll.
We spent most of the night trying to NOT be on camera, and were pretty successful at our goal. It's hard work avoiding the spotlight when you're this gorgeous.
My poor co-worker next to me was not so lucky. She's approximately 18 months pregnant, so the look on her face when he shined the camera on her was priceless. I'm surprised he was willing to risk and life and limb for that kind of a shot. Apparently he has not spent a lot of time around hormonal women. Poor guy. He'll learn. Someday. I didn't get a shot of them on the big screen, but just pretend there is a pissed off pregnant lady on the jumbo screen.
But, of course, the best part of the evening were the Dippin' Dots in the Dragon's ball cap. Tasty chocoately morsels of frozen ice cream goodness. What more could a girl possibly want?
:sigh: What more could a girl need, you say? A hot date, possibly? Well good thing I had that too!


Phil said...

You are looking good!!!!

Jodi said...

Wow! You do look awesome!

And you sooooo cannot leave us hanging like that about the date! (Unless your talking about your pregnant co-worker) LOL

Gina Marie said...

and yet no pic of you and the mystery hot date!!!