Monday, October 24, 2005

Winter is for Families

There's something about this time of year that makes me want to settle down and nest. I guess that's not really uncommon considering this is the time for hibernation and feasting of the fat you gathered in the warm months. But I get this weird googly happy family sense about me during the winter months. It's finally gotten cold here this week and I've been thinking about winter coats and apple cider and fire places. Which in turn makes me think about husbands and children and reading stories by the fire. I've never really noticed this before and maybe it's just a sign of my biological clock ticking, but I suddenly want to be settled. In time for winter. So that when the snow comes and the wind hits the shingles, I'll have someone to snuggle up to.

I noticed this last night while I was at Target. There was a mom with her daughter there and she was talking about how she could buy these warm flannel pajamas, so she could wear the top and her husband could wear the bottoms. And it was just so darn cute and it tugged on my heartstrings and I remember thinking, "Odd. I feel...emotional." It was like someone has woken up the little happy homemaker within and she was roaring.

I suppose it doesn't help that I've been reminded twice in the last week that I'm not getting any younger and isn't settling down and having a family something you want, moron? My God, doesn't seeing all of these cute little babies swaddled in fleece make you want to have one of your own? It doesn't? I don't care! Get to work honey because you're running out of time.

Maybe I just miss my mom. Maybe I am just now realizing how close Thanksgiving is and how much I can't wait to see my family. Or maybe I really am getting old and maturing. Either way, I don't have a man and there are no babies on the way (THANK YOU GOD because immaculate conception does NOT appeal to me) and I'm bracing myself to spend a barren winter in my little apartment snuggling with stuffed animals and a dog with diarrhea.

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Jodi said...

Let me paint you another picture:

Mom, tired of kids running around screaming, is yelling over them.

Dad, tired of mom yelling has hidden away in the garage.

Kids, tired of being yelled at for "only wanting to have fun" are fighting with each other.


I love winter too for those great family moments, but believe me, they don't last all winter!