Saturday, October 29, 2005

I Need a Life

So I was just reading Myles' blog and saw this new meme thingy going around. I never do these and have never been tagged, but I thought this was just too weird to pass up.

If you'd like to waste your own time, go to Google and type in "Your Name needs." And if you literally type in "your name," I'll shoot you. Here's my results:

1) Cora needs a home that will provide her with lots of love and attention.
2) Cora needs someone to love.
3) Cora needs a 12-step program
4) Cora needs either to get leave of court or to drop at least 30 of the questions, before she can compel answers.
5)CORA needs volunteers.
6)Cora needs to be reimbursed for sign making material.
7)Cora needs to be a belter with head voice extensions.


Gina Marie said...

i posted mine on my mypsace blog ... and i also read some where that "Nearly all will be amusing, but you’re supposed to underline the ones that are actually true about you." so you got some underlining to do!

Cora said...

Ha! Numbers 1 and 2 are the only ones that apply to me. Sadly enough.

Anonymous said...

My name's Cora too!
And everytime I do "Cora needs" I get this website with all of your results.
Okay, thought I'd tell ya.

Cora Lynn said...

me, too!