Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Pirate's Life for Me

So Friday night, I dined at the always tasty and always tempting Red Lobster. I seriously am in love with that place. Whoever came up with the cheesy bread biscuits will be receiving a fan letter from me soon and very soon. So as we were chomping on our VERY-NOT-SOUTH-BEACH-DIET bread, a waiter brought us our food. And at first, I was like, whatever, our waitress is busy and so she got someone to cover for her. And then I looked up.


Ok, ok, so it wasn't actually Orlando Bloom, but this guy looked SO MUCH LIKE him that I was thankful my drool looked like it was for the food and not him. Because, HOLY CRAP. I haven't seen a guy that hot in real life since...since...that hot Darryl guy went diving in his skimpy speedos in college! It's also important to note that this fellow (whose name I didn't catch at first, because his face was burning a hole in my heart) looked like Orlando Bloom circa Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes, that is right female readership, he looked a lot a pirate. A hunky pirate who could serve food and remember your name and warn you that your plate is hot. What more could a girl want?

His name, you say? A girl might want his name? GOOD QUESTION. Because I could NOT catch a glimpse of his nametag for the rest of the evening. I am beyond confident that he saw me staring at his chest MORE THAN ONCE, but I just couldn't help it. I HAD TO KNOW HIS NAME. It took BGF walking RIGHT PAST him on our way out for me to learn this gorgeous boy's name.

Michael. God bless you. You have restored my faith in non-icky boys.


Jodi said...

Seafood and sexy men!

Did you ask for more melted butter while sensously licking your lips? ;)

Lana said...

you are hilarious. maybe i should move there after all...orlando-y waiters would be a definite bonus.