Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sunday Morning Coming Down

I've seen three movies this weekend. THREE! That's possibly a new record for this anit-movie girl. But what can I say? I get on a roll and I just can't stop. As I mentioned earlier, I saw Star Wars last night. Then BGF and I went to the drive-in to take-in Monster-in-Law and Fever Pitch. The latter being one of those "eh, it was cute" movies with a gigantic bonus from the absolute gorgeousness of Michael Vartan. The former was actually very good. It was sweet and romantic and came thisclose to making me think that relationships MIGHT not suck. Add to that the Farrelly brothers direction and Nick Hornby's writing and you've got yourself a good movie. And have I mentioned that I have a total girl crush on Drew Barrymore? Which is weird, I know. But true. So there.

In other news, I had the Blister from HellTM this week. I spent an entire day limping around work looking like some kind of confused rap groupie. All I needed to do was roll up a pant leg and throw a few choice words into my vocabulary and I would have been confused with Vanilla Ice. Which is sad. And painful. In more than one way. But I'm happy to report that it's much better now and I can now successfully walk down the street without looking like a poser or getting funny looks or being stopped every five minutes by people asking me what the hell happened to my foot. Because it's just so freaking embarassing to say "I got a blister." instead of "I was in a tragic accident." or "I was injured saving a small child's life."

It just hit my today that I get to see my parents in two weeks! This is so very exciting because I have been missing my mother terribly this past week. I called her "just to chat" yesterday and I thought she was going to pass out on the phone. Which would have have been bad, because those overage minutes SUCK and who would have been there to hang up the phone? Plus she was driving and I'd hate for the Buick to get a scratch. Or a dent. Or a smashed bumper. Or totaled. Anyway, we had a lovely little chat and she's just so cute! I miss her! Why didn't I appreciate her more when I lived near her? This unexplainable homesickness could possibly be the reason why I'm eyeing this machine for her birthday or Christmas. Cause let me tell you, that's got "Cora's Mom" written ALL OVER IT. BGF's grandmother received one today for her birthday, so I will get to see it and its products firsthand before a purchase, but my mind is pretty much already made up. Now, if I can only convince Daddy to help me pull this off....


Jodi said...

Mommies are the best!

Gina Marie said...

Michael Vartan is so very HOTT!!