Sunday, May 15, 2005

Linking Heaven

Normally, delving into my memories usually leads to tears and cookies, but this past weekend led only to bubble tea and cheesy hashbrowns. Which, while not good together, are a rather potent combination for happy bellies and happy hearts. Because seriously, who can resist the lure of the tapioca ball? Who????

Getting to eat all of this tasty food with tasty people was a lovely break from my ho-hum, doldrum, bum bum bum life as an avant garde factory worker. After all, I got to visit the imitable Johnny Wink. Which is a treat in and of itself. There are very few eccentric old men who I admire as much as him. Any man who can quote poetry AND remember my last name AND what classes I took under him is a winner in my book. (Although it was a bittersweet visit since it was my last time to sit in the pretty room.) And though I never actually MET my lovely friend's husband, I SAW him once before the wedding and in that very instance, I learned that he has good taste in t-shirts. (And here I was thinking I was the only one who owned it!) I also got to spend some quality time at a Barnes and Noble that doesn't suck! And who would have thought that a B&N in the south would actually be WAY better than any of the Barnes and Nobles in my current city of residence? OOH! And I got to bust out with my old *Nsync and Britney Spears mix CD's, because NOBODY appreciates the intricacies and nuances of Justin and J.C. than my girls from college. And did I mention that I rented a Sebring instead of a Neon? Cause seriously, the Sebring was THE BEST CAR EVER. Because I finally got to be the one who drove everyone around. Because it was roomy! And comfy! And didn't shake at 60 MPH! And it has a CD player instead of the lousy tape deck that the Sentra sports!

So all in all, the weekend? It rocked. Coming home? It sucked. But it was nice living in non-reality while it lasted... definitely good for the heart of this lonely Southern girl.

And now, I'm going to an international food fest. South Beach Diet be damned!


Gina Marie said...

i thought i would commend you on the number of links in that one blog.. how impressive!

Jodi said...

So glad you had some fun! It is good to hear you typing with some spring in your fingers! :)