Thursday, December 16, 2010

Photo Overload

Tonight, we went to see Santa.

Let's remember how last year went.

Lovely, right? We went to the mall after the Jingle Bell Run. He smiled. We bought the CD with the photos so we could print as many copies as we wanted. I used this picture in our Christmas card last year.

So how do you think this year went?


He was fine and dandy until we walked up to Santa and then it was a full on MELTDOWN. We showed our concern for him by laughing hysterically. (Parents of the year!) Fortunately, we went to Bass Pro Shops, as you can tell from the logo in the corner, and they offer you a print FOR FREE. So we took our awesomely free awesome picture and skeedaddled. Better luck next year, Santa!

Let's look at some more flattering picture of my child, shall we? I mentioned last week that we were doing a photo shoot with my friend. And it was AWESOME. Jack wasn't in the best mood ever, but I was pretty sure we got a few good shots. I was supposed to get 15-ish edited pictures as part of the deal. Well. She just couldn't decide and gave me 58. Boo yah! Do not worry, I will not force you to look at all 58. I only uploaded 8 for you to see. But man, I love, love, love them. Snapfish was running a deal for 50% off their photobooks this week, so I took advantage of it since I had some beautiful shots of my beautiful baby. Enjoy!


Ashley said...

He's adorable! Great pictures!

Christy said...

You have a seriously cute kid. No doubt about it! :) Love these!

Philly said...

Love the one of him laying on the ground! Cutie!