Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Oh man, I hope everyone's holidays were a million zillion times better than mine.

My beloved grandmother passed away on the 28th and I'm just so darn sad.

I feel like I should be posting pictures of Christmas morning and talking about our holiday festivities. But it was pretty somber this year and I just don't have it in me to upload pictures. But I promise Jack had a lovely Christmas and received many wonderful gifts.

My grandmother's funeral was on New Year's Eve, so we didn't really celebrate that night.

Jack and I had spent the last two weeks at my parents' house and we finally came home on Sunday. Somehow it is already Tuesday and I've only left the house once. I know I need to sack up and get back in the real world but I've given myself a pass on not being in fighting form yet. I alway struggle a little after the holidays, not to mention I always need at least a day of doing nothing before I can recover from a big road trip. So combining that with the loss of a loved one means I'm allowed to move a little slowly now, right? And I'm actually being somewhat productive today (Laundry! Picking up! Unpacking!), so it's not all doom and gloom around here.

But I'm still really, really sad.

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Ashley said...

Oh Cora, I'm so sorry! Our Christmas wasn't as wonderful as usual after losing my grandma. I miss her soooo much but time has helped ease the pain and I know she's happier where she's at. Praying for you!