Friday, April 16, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - 4/16/10

1. We did our taxes fairly early this year. So early that I had a momentary panic this week when I realized taxes were due. I got really nervous and was all, "How were we going to get them done so quickly?" And then I remembered. We, uh, already got our refund. DUH.

2. I'm back on Facebook. I got everything accomplished around the house that I wanted, so I decided to get back on the wagon last week. I'm working hard on severely limiting my time on it and so far, so good. I probably should block it for the next week while I prepare for our guests that are coming next week. I have no self control! Just ask the scale!

3. Jack's favorite thing to do is walk everywhere. Anywhere and everywhere. His new thing is to walk up to me, grab my hand, and take a tour of our apartment. He grabs my hand with such resolve, like "It's time! Let's go!." I narrate the walk (Now we're in the kitchen! Here's the bathroom! There's the bed!) and we explore our little home. He really loves to walk into a room, spin, and walk right back out. If only I was that easily entertained. Also, it is just the cutest thing EVER.

4. I spent an inordinate amount of time at two different Costcos tonight. They had these cute Adidas cross trainers on sale for super cheap. I found a pair I liked but not in the perfect color combination, so we headed out to a different store. That one had NO cute cross trainers, so we back to the original Costco. I then proceeded to buy the WRONG SIZE shoe. (Yes, I AM that special. Or stupid. Whichever you want to go with.) So then I had to GO BACK IN and exchange them, only to find that they no longer had the pair in my size. What a lovely waste of time. And now I just wasted your time with the story. I could have just said, "I went to the store and didn't buy shoes. The end."

5. In cheesy pop song news, I cannot get Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want From Me" out of my head. (Also? He looks super hot in the video.) Alex keeps singing the new Jason Derulo song, which I think is hilarious because he MERCILESSLY mocked me for being obsessed with "Whatcha Say." We regularly enjoy battling it out over which lame pop song is less lame.

6. In book news, I read Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking this month as part of the Book Lushes book club. I am in the minority, I think, because I really, really enjoyed it. It's not an easy read, though. I want to recommend it to everyone, but also don't want to depress anyone either. I realize that doesn't make much sense. So talk to me about it before you read it, ok? (I am also going out of order and reading March's book now because Alex accidentally had it shipped to our old house. Woops!)

7. Glee! Glee is back! Did y'all watch? Man, I love me some Sue Sylvester. I missed her so, so, so much. And Brittany! That show makes me so happy.

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