Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am not an athletic person. P.E. was my LEAST favorite class in school. I would dread it the entire day. ESPECIALLY if it was volleyball time, because I would get hit in the head with the ball WITHOUT fail every class. I also had a tendency to let the ball go through my arms whenever I tried to hit it. More often than not, I left gym class in tears. I remember I tried to kick the soccer ball one time and accidentally kicked one of the super popular boys in the shins. That went over well. Or there was the time my teacher wouldn't let you sit down until you successfully served a tennis ball into the opposite side of the court. I went through 20+ tennis balls. I can't hit, run, throw, or kick. You don't want me on your team for anything because I will only be an obstacle to you winning. It's a fact.

That being said, I really like working out in groups. I don't fear my athletic inabilities as much because we're all working together and not competing. I can look like an idiot and it's okay. I've been taking advantage of classes at our gym and going to Zumba and Cycle classes. They make the hour go by a lot faster and I like having fun while I work out. I recently joined one of them TEAM groups that focuses on different things. There's Team Weight Loss, Team Fitness, and Team Boot Camp. I joined Team Weight Loss because, well, I need to lose weight. Plus, I got four weeks free.

So I started last week and I'm by far the thinnest person in the class. And I feel stupidly self conscious about it. But fact is, I am totes overweight right now and the scale has not budged for the LAST SIX MONTHS, no matter how hard I work out or how I change my eating habits. So I needed SOMETHING to help me kick start my weight loss. Plus, Team Fitness SCARES me. They do walking lunges down the middle of the gym while doing bicep curls and shoulder presses with ridiculously heavy weights.

So last night our team had to do walking lunges while holding 5 pound weights. We just had to hold the weights, THANK GOODNESS, but we had to bring our knee all the way to the carpet. And get this: I was the best at it! The best! This is the first time EVER that I was the best at anything physical/athletic in a group in my ENTIRE LIFE. They kept making me go first because I was the fastest. One of the girls told me that I should be in Team Fitness and I was like...uh, no. I'm DYING here. Like, FOR REAL, my heart rate was through the roof. But still, it felt really great to be the best at something athletic for once.

So I still can't hit, kick, catch, or run. But I can lunge with the best of 'em, baby!

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Philly said...

Too awesome. Shared with the hubs and he offered (or was it a threat) to send me to you so we could "be silly" together. Working on the fitness...