Friday, March 12, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - I'm Really Back Edition

1. We're not going out of town this weekend, so I have time to blog. It's kind of a strange experience, this blogging thing. I've missed you!

2. Jack has learned how to stand up WITHOUT pulling up. He falls down before he can take a step, but it's still bizarre to look over and see him standing. Like a PERSON or something. Alex claims he has seen him take a few unassisted steps, but much like Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster, it is unconfirmed. Therefore, those steps do not count and we do not have a walker on our hands.

3. It's already hot here. I'm very concerned that my seven years of Ohio living have left me a hot weather wussy. It's only getting up to around 80 and I'm panicking about finding shorts and tank tops. What am I going to do when it gets to be around 100? MELT, probably. (Happily melt, I might add. I don't want that sound like I'm complaining. Because I'm not.)

4. We took Jack to the pool for the first time this week. He was VERY unsure at the beginning. He held onto my shoulder for dear life when I tried to set him down the first time. He warmed up to it eventually and I think the trip was an overall success. We may just have another water loving red head on our hands.

5. I started the great closet switch out yesterday. There does not seem to be a need for sweaters any time soon, so I figured I might as well start getting out our summer-y clothes. For two people who wear the same 3 shirts over and over again, Alex and I sure do own a lot of clothes.

6. I don't want to speak too soon, but it looks like I am going to get some free, private swim lessons this summer. We have some "bucks" at our gym that you can redeem for various services. And one of them is swimming lessons. I was originally going to use them on some personal training, but I think the swim lessons would be more valuable. I am terrified just THINKING about it.

7. No seriously, I am feeling extremely panicky now. Deep water that people will expect me to float in? I can't hold on to something? Anything? I kind of want to puke just thinking about it. I feel like I owe it to Jack to learn how to swim, but gah. Why didn't my parents give me swim lessons when I was a kid? WHY???????


philly said...

You will conquer swimming... I know it! Lessons with someone who is not a friend is a good thing - you can yell at him/her this way!

Mel said...

I promise they won't drop you in the deep end the first day. Just take little bites...It'll be fun.