Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Milestone Tuesday

As I type this, Jack is playing in his high chair with a bunch of puffs. Even if he's starving, he can't seem to help himself from spreading them around the tray over and over again.

So we've had a big day in the baby is becoming a toddler saga.

**I just had to take a break and give him some yogurt melts.**

1. He made his first sign. I was feeding him a banana and kept making the "more" sign in the hopes that he might get it. And then he did. "More!" "More!" said his adorable little hands. It's the first time he's ever signed anything despite the fact that I've been signing "milk" and "all done" to him since he was 6 months old. But he learned "more" today, a sign I have only haphazardly been showing him.

2. He took several steps on his own today. I was in the kitchen making him a bottle and watching him in the living room. I showed him the bottle and he let go of the ottoman and walked over to the chair. Granted, they were really close and it was maybe all of 3 steps, but still. He has since repeated this phenomenon multiple times. Always three steps. He stands for a little while, then step, step, step, and then down on the ground or reaching for something to hold on to.

He's becoming such a big boy. And he keeps growing up even though I often tell him to JUST STOP GROWING AND STAY A BABY FOREVER AND EVER.

**While typing all that, I also had to get him his sippy cup. Which he has conquered! Finally! Although he just tosses it on the floor when he's done with it and that drives.me.crazy.**

**And I better hit publish now because the bottomless pit needs! more! food! Forgive me for grammar errors and misspellings, Internet!**


philly said...

Sign language and walking! Wow! Tuesday was a big day! He's gotta be able to show off for his 1st bday celebration!

Mel said...

So fun!! I can't believe how big they are getting!