Monday, January 18, 2010

San Antonio, You're Alright

So...we're here! Surprise! I know I've been MIA for a few weeks here. Sorry about that. I didn't realize it had been so long and I am just not a good enough blogger to try and post from my phone.

So, hey there internet! What's up? I'm in Texas! So far, things are going well. It was in the high 60's today and I wore flip flops. The sky was blue and it was super sunny. In other words, I am in heaven.

We've been here for a little over a week. It took us three days to get here, which isn't too bad except that we had planned for a two day trip. But the state of Kentucky was not willing to let us quickly and easily pass through its hallowed interstates. We spent hours in a traffic jam. We had to stop multiple times to clean off windshields and de-ice windshield wipers. Some doohickey on our moving van broke and we lost not one, but TWO tanks of diesel on the interstate. (Goodbye $100! It was nice knowing you!) So we then spent hours in a gas station parking lot, waiting for someone to come fix the van. By the time we got to Tennessee, I was giddy with relief. I don't have any hard feelings towards Kentucky, but it sure felt like the entire state was conspiring against us last week. It took us 11 or so hours to get to our first stop. It should have only taken 7. Oy.

The next two days were pretty much uneventful. We stopped at Ouachita so I could show Alex and Jack my alma mater. I bought a sweatshirt and then cried sad, salty tears because it is SO. DIFFERENT. and I am SO. OLD. It felt like a different campus in many respects and I suppose that makes sense since it's been, oh, 10 years since I went there, but STILL. My memories are all I have left of what it looked like back in the day. Which means that I am old and will shrivel up and die SOON. After I had a panic over my new found elderly status, we headed to Dallas and spent the night at the Griswold's house where they showered us with pizza and ice cream and attention. It was, BY FAR, the highlight of our trip. I am pretty sure my brother-in-law didn't want to leave. Once we made it to our tiny, empty apartment, it felt so...unwelcoming.

My brother-in-law flew out on Tuesday, leaving Alex, Jack and I all alone in a new city. So far, we've enjoyed it. Mainly because we are eating out all the time and there is some seriously good food in this city. Mexican! Barbecue! Burgers! Nom Nom Nom!

Jack has been a trooper through everything. He became an expert on going from laying to sitting while I was sick with The Mono and then learned how to pull up the night before we were supposed to leave. So he's hitting all kinds of big milestones in the middle of a huge life change. Which is why I am pretty sure he is refusing to go to sleep. I am also suspicious that he might actually be teething (For real this time! There is a lot of drool! There is fussiness! It might be happening! Maybe!), which could be contributing to the problem as well. But overall, I could not ask for a sweeter, easier kid. He is a CHARMER and we can't go anywhere without people talking to us. He always smiles and squeals at the attention and it is the most adorable thing in the entire world. He ALSO learned how to give a high five this week. And friends, if you haven't seen a 9 month old give a high five, then you haven't lived. It is CU-UTE.

And that is all. We are not all the way unpacked because WHERE DOES ALL THE STUFF GO!? And we don't have cable or DirecTV. We just got the internet on Friday. So we are slowly but surely working into a normal routine. I like it so far. Here's hoping that sticks, eh?


Jodi said...

I am sooooo jealous of the flip flops and blue sunny sky! We are in the 20's and waist deep in snow. *sigh*

Someday I will get to move south.

Your little guy is growing so fast! Just make sure your unpacked and baby proofed before he starts walking. ;)

Seth said...

So stoked y'all made it safe and sound. May God bless you, keep you, and make His face shine upon you on this new adventure together as a family. You will be missed in Dayton!

High five the little guy and the big guy for me!

Grace, peace, and jealous of the warm weather,


philly said...

He's giving high fives? Awwww!!!