Sunday, January 03, 2010


Yes, the baby turned nine months old today.

We didn't get any pictures of him though. I am sick. I am pretty sure it is the flippin' pig flu. I have all the symptoms and I am planning on visiting my doctor tomorrow and begging for a Tamiflu prescription. I have only puked once though, so...hooray?

And yeah, this is the worse timing EVER since we are supposed to move on THURSDAY. And Alex picked up the truck today and had to take care of the baby all by himself. My mother and brother in laws came over to help pack, load, and watch the child. I laid in bed all day and was miserable. I am so annoyed that I didn't qualify for the H1N1 vax when we got Jack's because I was too old. Because this seriously SUCKS.

I am so stressed out and I miss my baby so, so, so much. I just sat here and looked at a bunch of PICTURES of him because I am that big of a dork. (Also? Alex and I went out for New Year's Eve and we spent most of the time talking about and looking at pictures of the baby. We're such goobers.) Alex has been a trooper since he has had to do all of the parenting stuff and moving stuff for the last day and a half. I feel terrible for leaving him stranded, but having a sick baby would be much worse.

I hope I feel better soon.

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philly said...

Did you make it to the doctor? (And I do hope you are feeling better fast even though that sounds lame!)